Monday, November 2, 2009

Finished. . . well, almost

Here is a picture from the expo for the marathon. I didn't take my camera on the run, so no race pictures . . There are some on the NYC Times website if you are curious. Also M may have some pictures on her Iphone. . . but those will have to wait. As will my final blog on this marathon. We did finish. And neither of us have died (yet). It was pretty fun, but also miserable. Both M and I felt under-trained. Also L was up most of the previous night coughing. But, enough excuses. It's done. I'm not sure about my official time. I think I got under 4:45. . . M finished an hour before me. I will post a recap when we get back to Flag.

Thanks to my friend Sam for meeting us for Thai food last night. Today we will likely go up in the Empire State Building before heading home. . . I can barely move my legs!

Oh, somebody happened to take a photo of me at the finish line. I was damn tired, but still managed to raise my arms to celebrate.

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