Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Marathons and Death and Marathons

Yesterday I told a woman at work that I was training for the NYC Marathon. Be careful, she said. You don't want to die. I nodded my head sincerely. I know!

Finally, people are beginning to understand. I started seeing stories pop up everywhere. M heard one on the radio. Somebody else at work warned me about my impending doom. Hey, people. What do think I've been writing about? Or maybe, just possibly, my message has finally gotten out? Am I the source of all this concern? Is my blog doing some good for man and woman-kind? Am I the voice in the wilderness? A prophet? A sage?

Er. . . No. First of all, nobody looks at this stinking blog. And second, some other events caused this wondrous rise in consciousness. Last week three people dropped dead while running a Detroit half-marathon. And according to reports, the cause of death was a sudden realization of their home values. Joke! That was funny, wasn't it? Oh, come on. . . I love Detroit. And Detroit runners. I swear. Don't kill me. Hello? Are you listening, marathon gods?

Anyway, on the plus side, my friend, S just finished the Denver Marathon. He kicked butt. And he is now aiming for the Iron Man. Nice job, S. You are a warrior.

As for me and my pathetic nature, my cold is (knock on wood) slowly going away, and my snot is ebbing. But all this illness has set me back. I've been running less than I should. I hope the downtime didn't zap all my glycogen. I will likely try a half this weekend to see if I have any juice. After that, it's twenty-six-point-two or die. . . Kidding. I'm not going to die. Instead, I'm going to quit. Or cheat. But not die. Please?


  1. I read this stinking blog! And am pleased you finally got to 'Terrapin Station'.

  2. Hey Sam,

    You can't have Terrapin right out of the blocks! I'll call you when we get to the big city. And don't forget to boo the Yankees. I don't want your proximity to taint your true nature. Thanks for the comment!