Friday, October 16, 2009

Hand-me-downs: Computer

This is the desk where I sit every morning, drinking coffee, waiting for the sun to rise, and occasionally typing something into this blog. My brother bought me this computer. For many years, he has either given me a laptop or handed one down. And I'm thankful. Mainly because I hate computers, gadgets, and all things technological. For those who know me, the irony is obvious.

Also notice on the desk, a bunch of cd's and dvd's. This is the source of most of my Dead tunes. One of those dvd's has three or four Dick's Picks, which makes up the majority of my running mix. If you are keen, you will pick out a few of my hobbies. All of which have been put on hold until I finish this damn marathon (and this blog).

I hear M downstairs, rooting around and pouring a bowl of cereal. I'm pretty sure she is going to run. I'm not sure if I will. My sinus infection has turned into a nasty cold. I have a sore throat and a blazing headache. Doubt I can get even three miles this morning. Blah. . .

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