Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hand-me-downs: Bloks

M, who has been running well lately (maybe too well. . . she has been trying to go fast again), has been obsessing about the weather next week in NYC. She checks her iphone every ten minutes. So far, it looks like the weather will be fine. A little cool perhaps, in the 40's or 50's, but definitely tolerable.

Also, she bought us a bunch of Clif Bloks for the race. It may or may not be smart to ingest some of these sugar-packed carbs in the middle of a marathon. They won't stop the bonk, but they may take the edge off. Many people don't bother. Others use jelly beans, hard candy or pralines. The sports bar companies like to market their own special goos. They spike their recipes with electrolytes or caffeine or some other supposedly useful chemical. I enjoy the names of these carb packets: power gel, gu, relode, pocket rocket, bloks, shots, blasts. . . All of them sounding as if they will turn you into a liquid-fueled missile. I'm not sure how seriously to take these goos. I'm more concerned about the reentry, than the launch.


  1. Monet has an iPhone? I thought you were against that.

    By the way, this marathon will kill you. We will miss you...

  2. Hey Tim,

    Have you ever considered a career in motivational speaking? Oh, and that reminds me. I really need to tell the story of how you mugged David Duchovny. And knocked down his kids. And stole his chocolates.

    I am against the iphone!