Thursday, October 8, 2009

Duck Logic

I just read a really crappy biography of Jerry Garcia (Captain Trips). It managed to contain two-hundred-plus pages of shallow twaddle. The book was painfully-sympathetic, easily forgiving photos of Jerry rolling and smoking joints in front of his two-year old. His infidelity, oh well, Jerry was just unconventional. His drug abuse, oh well, Jerry was just unconventional. The thesis of the book, Oh well, Jerry was unconventional; isn't that cool! I'm not saying Jerry was a bad guy. . . and the hippy movement was all selfish and evil, but this book desperately needed some analysis. It really pissed me off. Luckily, I only paid a few dollars at a used book store.

Speaking of unconventional, I have a new plan for the NYC Marathon (plan B). See the blurry map above? See the red dotted line? If I can just make it to mile 17, I'm golden. Around 70th street, I'll pretend that I need to puke and meander to the side of the road. Then I will sneak a few blocks over to Central Park and rejoin the race at mile 24. I'll skip a whooping seven miles! Brilliant, eh? I'll probably miss a timing station in the Bronx, but so what. By the time I come in, a ton of runners will be milling about. Nobody will notice me. Nobody will care, right?

Hey, I'm not a cheater! Plan B isn't official. Not yet, anyway. Yesterday I got some antibiotics which I hope knocks out my sinus infection. Also M helped me generate a number of theories why I've been sucking lately. She is trying to get me psyched up for one more long run. We'll see.

Here is a funny photo I took in the rain the other day. A pair of ducks swimming in a little pond. M is the one in front of course. I'm the one in back, looking around without a clue.

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