Thursday, October 15, 2009


M and I have been discussing this article. My sinus infection went away for two days, but after the twenty miler, it came right back. It's churning in my skull now, making cauldrons of snot. Double, double toil and trouble. Not sure what to do. Maybe I will go back to the doc and ask for another round of antibiotics? Or maybe do a CT Scan, like he suggested last time? Or maybe just keep pouring salt water up my nostrils and hope for the best.

M is feeling dandy. Her runs are going well. She has started forward-thinking, planning our 3-4 days in NYC. She found an Italian restaurant where we can carbo load. Also, we have a nanny-for-hire to watch L while we run. We are both a little worried about leaving him with a stranger for five-to-six hours while we transport to the marathon, run, and hobble back to the hotel. What are you gonna do? Hope he doesn't get sold to the circus?

A friend of mine, S, who is training for the Iron Man, will be running his first marathon on Sunday. The Denver. I spoke to him last night. Good luck, S! Don't die at Wash Park (like I did)! Put vaseline on your nipples! And not just for fun.

My Dead mix is done! No more tweaking. I will post a few more song selections and then the final list. Yay!

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